If you’ve come to this website, you’ve gotten here because you are searching for relevant information, answers, and solutions for your Ulcerative Colitis. I’ve been on this roller-coaster ride, and it can be very frustrating, overwhelming, and scary. I know how you feel.

nicky-ulcerative-colitisBefore we get into the “meat” of the subject, let me tell you about myself, and  why I created this website. My name is Nicky, I am a 57 year old female. I am not a nurse, not a doctor, nor am I in the Health Profession. However, I am a very real person who has suffered greatly with Ulcerative Colitis. More than 6 years ago, I began having bouts of terrible abdominal cramping, urgency, alternating with constipation and diarrhea, and most alarming: constant and heavy rectal bleeding with every bowel movement. Having terrible insurance coverage, and putting off the inevitable doctor’s visit, I finally went to a proctologist, figuring he was going to tell me it was an easy fix: hemorrhoids.

What I heard was shocking and sent me into a tailspin.

After the exam, he told me I either had Ulcerative Colitis or Crohns’ Disease, which would have to be confirmed via the dreaded Colonoscopy. I went for a second opinion, and scheduled the Colonoscopy. The colonoscopy revealed I had Ulcerative Colitis, the doctor did multiple biopsies, all of which came back negative for cancer.

I remember sitting with my husband and the doctor in his office, as he told me about my Ulcerative Colitis.  I asked him if it could be cured, he told me “no”, but it could be “managed” with pharmaceutical medications. For how long I asked him? He gave me a look, and then I asked “so this is a life sentence?”, he said “yes”. I was in shock.  He told me the statistics for Ulcerative Colitis, untreated, results in either: Colon Cancer, or eventually, people have to have their colons surgically removed. He told me I had no choice, but to do his pharmaceutical protocol. So, I tried his pharmaceutical medications:  daily mesalamine enemas, mesalamine pills (many have different branded names), mesalamine suppositories, and of course steroids, Prednisone, needless to say all these medications come with lots of side effects.

I asked him if diet had any role in this? Food to stay away from? Foods to start eating? Supplements? His answers: no. He did say I should stay away from alcohol and spicy foods, and if I knew that a certain food upset my stomach, I should stay away from it.

Discouraged, upset, and scared to eat anything, I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to.

At first, I went to a local Crohns’ Disease and Ulcerative Colitis’ support group. I figured I could get some helpful information and emotional support. The emotional support was there, but the reality was frightening to me: about 50% of the group had had their colons removed, some partially, some entirely. They told me the pharmaceutical drugs they were on, and some were on the strongest and with the most severe side effects, including Lymphoma. I asked them about natural alternatives, but they didn’t know of any. An astounding 50% of the people in the group had their colons partially or fully surgically removed! And I decided then and there, that I was not going to be another statistic.

That’s when  I started to do lots of research on the Internet. I spent hundreds of hours on the computer combing through medical journals, medical information, websites, organizations for ulcerative colitis, etc…

You’re probably asking yourself: did she take the pharmaceutical drugs?

Yes, I did for a few months without results; I continued to suffer with all my symptoms and the heavy rectal bleeding as well. The medications came with lots of side effects, as you are probably aware: weight gain, mood swings, depression, hair loss, complete loss of sex drive, extreme fatigue, trouble sleeping – just to name a few. And that’s when my Doctor gave me a choice:  Colon Removal or Biologics? I said No.

But as a results of all my extensive research I found a natural and healthy protocol I put myself on, and guess what, it worked!

I can officially say I am no longer bleeding and no longer having those desperately critical moments of being somewhere, in the car, at a meeting or gathering, and having to run to the nearest toilet (I’m sure you know all too well what that experience is like). I feel good, and am in control of my colon, and my body.

Why did I create this website?

To help others with the knowledge and information it took me months and months to gather and research, and with the proven results I have experienced from the “Alternative Cure Protocol” – a ten step process I have developed for myself. And as a result of that, and following an anti-inflammatory diet, anti-inflammatory supplements, and a special Add-On, I’ve been in remission for 5+ years now!



Important Note:

As with many people who have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, my UC came with Reactive Arthritis, which is very painful and affects the joints in various parts of the body. My Reactive Arthritis affected some of the the bones in my body, in addition to the joints in my toes, hands, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, and back. I have found that it’s the INFLAMMATION that was creating such terrible Reactive Athritis. And to solve that I followed my own protocol, the Anti-Inflammatory Food Combining Diet, added anti-inflammatory supplements, and a special Add-On, all of which made the Reactive Arthritis go away!



As far as counter-acting the terrible side effects from the steroids, I had experienced: extreme fatigue, loss of libido, and hair losswhat has helped me a great deal is having my Morning Glory Shake every morning! And the reason for that is that it contains synergistic ingredients: MACA, & Chia seeds. Both of which are SUPER Nutrients.



I used to get my MACA from a different provider, but my results with it weren’t great.

Then I found out I was using the wrong type of Maca – for the symptoms I was trying to eradicate. But when I followed this Guide, and used the correct Gelatinized Maca for me,

I found it made a huge difference:  my libido was back!!! I had more energy!! and I saw some fine newly formed little hairs popping up on my scalp, my legs, my pubic area!! And that’s all due to the Gelatinized Maca!


In an article by Dr. Mercola:


“Maca Is Good for More Than Your Mojo”

March 13, 2017 | 
Here are some excerpts:







Please feel free to bookmark this website, and use its resources, look through the extensive Scientific/Medical Studies cited, and peruse the information.


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