How I manage my Reactive Arthritis that came with my Ulcerative Colitis

When I got the Ulcerative Colitis, it came with the Reactive Arthritis, which many people unfortunately get. I’ve tried so many different supplements and remedies, and none have given me relief from the painful joint pains I’ve had to endure.

Until now that is. I’ve found JointEase Plus to reduce the joint pains significantly.

What is JointEase Plus?

JointEase Plus is a 100% natural remedy containing both herbal and dietary supplements especially chosen for joint and cartilage health. Regular use will help to maintain health and mobility in the muscular skeletal system without the risk of side effects.

  • Freedom to move

Joints are the areas where two bones meet such as the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow or even the small joints of the fingers, toes, neck and vertebra. Joints allow our bodies to move in many different ways – to bend and be flexible, as well as to perform everyday routine tasks, like walking, sitting, writing and even turning our heads to see where we are going. Without our joints, our skeletons would be stiff and inflexible and life as we know it would be virtually impossible!

All joints are cushioned by a substance called cartilage. Cartilage acts as a ‘shock absorber’ to prevent the bones in our joints from grinding together and wearing down. There is also a certain amount of fluid present in joints to keep them well-oiled and free moving.

  • The natural way

In the course of every day activities, our joints are subject to a great deal of strain and stress. While they are designed to cope with this, it also makes sense to do all we can to keep our joints in tip top form and to support joint health and movement. The best way to do this is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a diet high in essential nutrients and low in processed foods, additives and sugar.

Avoid excessive caffeine which can leach nutrients from the body. Regular moderate exercise rather than sudden bouts of activity will also help to keep joints in good shape. Choose joint friendly exercise like swimming and yoga and practice stretching exercises to warm up muscles rather than putting strain on the joints.

Natural remedies have been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine to support joint and muscle health and to keep joints moving as they should.


How has JointEase Plus helped others?

Pat came to see me after her husband had died. She was in her late 50’s and had been looking forward to spending her retirement with her husband. Pat told me that she saw little reason to continue living without her husband, and said that she found it very difficult to complete even her daily household tasks, let alone get out for enjoyment. She felt permanently exhausted and she did not see how she was going to be able to cope. However, she agreed to come and see me for a period of 3 months. In addition to grief counseling, I advised Pat to take JointEase Plus, which has proved to be of great benefit in providing natural joint support to many of my patients. Over the next few months, it was wonderful to see how Pat looked younger and stronger. She developed a spring in her step and felt much more able to cope with her daily life. I persuaded Pat to join a ‘Walk for Life’ group, in order to give herself some additional exercise and also to meet new people. At the end of 3 months, we terminated therapy as Pat felt that she was once more able to look forward to life. She still missed her husband dreadfully, but now had a busy social life and for the first time in many years, was able to go about her day without problems. ”—Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist

I am 69 and I took JointEase Plus quite skeptically after it was recommended by a friend, because I have not had much experience with herbal products. After 3 – 4 weeks I could really feel the difference. Now about three months later I am taking a half dose and am (feeling great) … My compliments on a very effective product …I am walking proof that it works!” —Frank C.

“JointEase Plus has saved my life! I can …begin to enjoy life again. To me it is unbelievable and I simply cannot thank you and your team enough!!!!!” —Jennifer B.

“I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and. I have tried dozens of formulas over the years. My wife found your website and ordered JointEase Plus without telling me. I agreed to try it and to my great surprise in 3 days at two pills twice a day I felt WONDERFUL …This formula is FABULOUS! I cannot praise it enough! Thank you!” —Stuart M., TX

Where do I get my JointEase Plus?

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Nicky was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2010. Not wanting to be another statistic she began researching natural treatment remedies. Less than one year later she no longer struggles with her UC. She documented her results and created a ten step Alternative Protocol that you can read more about here.
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