Phase I – Discovery Process

Phase I – My Discovery Process



As I mentioned in the About page, I was scared to eat any food, scared it would cause great discomfort, pain, and more bleeding.

So, through much research, and trial and error, I eliminated a lot of foods initially: all dairy (derived from animals), fiber, fruits, wheat, gluten, carbohydrates.
So what did that leave me with?  A very small list. I had gotten to that elimination list due to lots of research:

  1. Most adults lose their ability to digest dairy products, most especially products made from cows, i.e. milk, cheese, yogurt.
  2. I had read that if you add fiber to ulcerative colitis, it just creates more cramping and urgency (one thing I certainly didn’t need or want anymore of).
  3. Fruits are fiber, so I eliminated them.
  4. Many people are wheat/gluten intolerant, and I thought it might be possible that I was too, as I remembered in the past, having problems, i.e. bloating, gas, cramping after having bread products.
  5. Carbohydrates, well a lot of those are made of wheat/gluten, so I eliminated them too.

You’re probably asking yourself, so what did she eat?

For Breakfast:  I ate bowl of Puffed Rice Cereal (no wheat, no gluten, no corn fructose – you have to read the labels very, very carefully) with Almond Milk. By the way, Almond Milk is made from almonds and is one of the most nutritious things you can have, lactose free, dairy free, cholesterol free, gluten free, 100% vegetarian, low in fat and sodium, and most importantly, an excellent source of antioxidants such as Vitamins A & E. The brand I use, Almond Dream, is enriched with Vitamins D, B12, and Calcium also.
And it tastes delicious too!  Please note: I tried Rice milk, but didn’t like it, and as far as Soy milk, didn’t want to have it as it has been proven to be very unhealthy.

For Lunch: I ate a can of Sardines, high in protein (26 grams), contains 2 grams of Omega 3 Fatty Acids,  and with Iron and Calcium contained vitamins, it tasted great. Sometimes I also have smoked salmon slices (also a great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids).

Please note: I tried about 4 different brands of canned Sardines, and the only ones I liked, whose flavor is just right, not too fishy and delivers a whopping 2 grams of Omega 3 Fatty Acids is made by. I found that the cheapest way to get them is to order them through Amazon, and I get them auto-shipped every month.

For Dinner: I ate a small piece of meat, i.e. chicken breast plainly grilled or small grilled filet of steak, or small piece of grilled fish (protein), with red leaf lettuce sprinkled with olive oil and sea salt.

For Dessert: I had a few teaspoons of Halvah. Halvah is a Turkish confection. It is one of the world’s oldest candies.The earliest references date as far back as the year 3000 B.C. The word halvah means literally ‘sweetmeat’.Halvah, is made from sesame seeds which are ground into a smooth creamy butter, making them more easily digested and utilized, now called Tahini, and adding some sugar to it.  The Sesame seeds from which the Tahini are rich in important vitamins such as calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorous, niacin, lecithin, and many B complex vitamins, vitamin E, minerals and protein – containing at least 17 amino acids, including several that are essential for human beings. Sesame Tahini contains notable levels of Leucine and Arginine, amino acids that must be obtained through diet.  Halvah contains three basic nutrients; protein and vegetable fat from Tahini and carbohydrates from sugar. Most of the fat in tahini is monounsaturated rich in omega-9 fatty acids. Halvah provides protein and calories, making it an excellent choice as an energy source, which also provides protein.

For Snacks: I ate a handful of cashews or almonds. Why these particular nuts?

Almonds provide a powerful package of nutrients – a good source of protein (6 grams per one ounce) along with dietary fiber, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron and vitamin E. In fact, one ounce of almonds provides about 7.4 grams of alpha-tocopherol vitamin E, 50 percent of the RDA (recommended daily allowance). Almonds are the only good source of protein that is also an excellent source of vitamin E.

As a protein, almonds are rich in Arginine and low in Lysine. Research indicates that diets rich in Arginine, low in Lysine are thought to reduce the risk of coronary disease.

In addition, the monounsaturated fat in almonds has been associated with a reduction in total and LDL cholesterol while maintaining healthy levels of HDL cholesterol. Some research shows that just one ounce a day can have this potential effect.

In a neat little package, nature has bound up essential health promoting nutrients in an almond. From high quality and highly absorbable protein to vitamin E and essential minerals, just one handful, about an ounce, of almonds can be an important part of a healthy, nutrient-dense diet.

Cashew nuts pack a mix of nutrients and minerals not found in many common foods. It packs 5 grams of protein per ounce and high levels of the essential minerals iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese, Vitamin E – all of which are necessary to a healthy diet.

Although Cashew nuts have a relatively high fat content (12 grams per ounce, 2 grams saturated fat), but it is considered “good fat.” This is due to the agreeable fat ratio in the nut, 1:2:1 for saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated, respectively, which scientists say is the ideal ratio for optimal health.

Cashew nuts also have a fatty acid profile that contributes to good health through phytosterols, tocopherols, and squalene, all of which lower the risk of heart disease, combined with the nut’s zero percent cholesterol content. Even with the relatively high fat content, cashew nuts are considered to be a “low-fat” nut. Cashew nuts have a high energy density and high amount of dietary fiber, both which have been attributed to a beneficial effect on weight management, but only when eaten in moderation.

With no cholesterol, a rarity for such a tasty and pleasing treat, cashew nuts are a healthy fat food for heart patients. And because of their high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids, 75% of which is oleic acid, the same heart-healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil, they also help support healthy levels of low good (HDL) cholesterol.


Phase I – My Discovery Process


The Importance of Water

I also started drinking lots of good water. Why?

Your body is made up of mostly of water. Approximately 85% of your brain, 80% of your blood and 70% of your muscle is water. Every cell in your body needs water to live. Just as you wouldn’t drive a car without putting oil in its engine, your body and all its vital organs wouldn’t be able to function properly without proper hydration.

Water lubricates the joints and skin, and is the “principal constituent of all body fluids (blood, lymph, tissue fluid), secretions (salivary juice, gastric juice, bile, sweat) and excretory fluid (urine)”. Every cell contains water and is bathed in water. “Humans can survive only for a short time without water intake.”
* Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Edition 17

What else does Water regulate in your body?

It helps regulate your body temperature, and keep your metabolism working properly. As mentioned before, water for your body is synonymous with oil for your car’s engine. Without adequate water, your blood pressure can fall to dangerously low levels, blood clots may form, and normal kidney function is impaired, and you may suffer from constipation, headaches, very dry skin, and increased urinary tract infections – these are only some examples of inadequate hydration.

So how much Water should you drink?

A general rule of thumb for staying well hydrated is… Divide your body weight in pounds by 2…and that would give you the approximate ounces of water you should be drinking every day.** So, according to this formula, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should be drinking approximately 100 ounces of water a day; that would come to ten 10 ounces glasses of water a day.

** Dr. Batmanghelidj, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water

Your Emotional Health in Upheaval 

Are you in shock, feeling overwhelmed & depressed?

The other important step I took was to  take care of my mental health.  As you realize I’m sure, whenever anyone is diagnosed with a chronic, serious illness it can leave you in a state of shock, and overwhelmed by feelings of desperation, grief, sadness, and anger – not knowing how you will cope with it all. I was an emotional mess: angry, depressed, sad, overwhelmed by the grief and state of shock – not knowing how I would cope with this disease and how it would affect my life, my marriage, and my future health.

So I turned to one of the oldest, safest and most proven methods used over decades: Bach Flower Remedies, homeopathically based . I consulted the caring specialists at CharmingHealth who know the hardships of these whirlwind of emotions and they know which all natural remedy to suggest for “upheaval” relief, and emotional stability to help cope with difficult situations.

What is Bach Flower Therapy?
This novel therapy of eliminating ‘behavioral negativities’ is invented by a leading allopathic physician of British origin -Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) MBBS, MRCS, LRCP, DPH(Cam.). Here, It is to be noted that, Bach Flower therapy is a brainchild of an allopath, who abandoned his flourishing practice behind this novel invention. This therapy does not demand any information concerning anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc; rather it concentrates more on subtle behavioral traits and mental make-up of an individual. According to Bach Flower Therapy, often any ailment or ill-health condition –at most of the time and in majority of the cases– is the result or expression of persistent “emotional imbalance” that takes place at the core of our psyche and persists over a period of time due to gradual accumulation of numerous Negative Emotions, those originates either from our mind itself or from our surrounding circumstances. As soon as our mental state improves, the physical trouble disappears. Therefore a person –which implies his overall nature, his general attitude towards life and his inimitable surrounding circumstances– is more important than his disease or ill-health condition.

Why Charming Health Online Wellness Center? is born out of an indeed novel concept of ‘correcting behavioral negativities (-emotional imbalance) by eliminating negative emotions’, with a strong foundation and a lot of hard work and dedication behind it. is an alternative healthcare website, exclusively dedicated to online Bach Flower Therapy consultation that strives to continually provide the highest quality content and the best possible information, along with the latest changes and advances in their field, on the Internet for everyone involved: Visitors, clients and customers.

Charming is privileged and proud to be associated with an outstanding group of advisors, who share their deep passion and commitment to the field of alternative healthcare. The level of expertise and credibility encompassed within this group assists them in their mission, in promoting Bach Flower Therapy to new levels of public awareness. Virtually they reach to everyone via Internet.

Their basic service is proffering online consultation for correcting ’emotional imbalance’ based on the principles of Bach flower therapy. They are dedicated to enhancing emotional health for the benefit of complete personality development, so that clients can make intelligent, informed decisions, while facing varied life situations. Online consultation eliminates personal visits to the therapists; saves lot of time and money, too. Today every individual visit to therapist involves pre-scheduled appointment, fees of the consultant and incidental expenses etc. Normally, specialists charge anywhere between $40 to $100 per visit for an hour consultation. Online consultation saves both money and time. Apart, they never insist or advice our clients to purchase Bach essences from their recommended sources only. Clients can purchase them anywhere, as per their convenience. (-see our Code of Ethics) Charming Health is an experiment of its own kind for lessening negative emotions from the core of psyche with complete privacy and confidentiality. The Internet has enabled them to offer this online consultation, where one can deal with the entire world without physical interface! This brand new concept bewitched the netizens and the site earned numerous appreciations and awards.


“It is really a great step forward for me to be working with CharmingHealth’s essence plan. First of all, my energy level has greatly improved, otherwise I was feeling fully exhausted at all the time. Now I can do many of the things, including errands. My ability to do household chores has risen higher than it’s ever been. I feel like I am starting to resume my share of the load again. I credit this to incredible Bach Formula, because before I started this program, I was feeling so much depleted that everything seems to be impossible in my life.” – -Nova


“After that great setback, all miserable things appeared gradually.After taking countless antibiotics and trying no. of alternative therapies, I finally found CharmingHealth and Bach Remedies program. Before that, I had gradually become a lifeless, lethargic, miserable, irritable, irrational person; complaining all the time about constant constipation, poor concentration and chronic depression. I could hardly function as a career person, father and husband. I had been to three doctors last year, and I’d feel better for a while, then right back to the same thing. When I would return to the doctor, they would look confused. I really got no enjoyment out of life and was making those who I loved most just as miserable. I thought that the miserable state of mind was due to emotional imbalance or other things in my life. This was very startling. After two months of trying personalized Bach Remedies, I feel very much alive and myself again, and the people I work with and my family have all noticed. Thanks for a quality life again. All I can say is, “Thanks!” to CharmingHealth for helping me find my life again.”


“For about 15 years, I have suffered with back, neck and shoulder joint problems, B.P., anxiety and panic attacks. I was very nervous and had withdrawn and avoided social occasions since past 5 years. After switching over to complementary Bach Flower Therapy under the guidance of CharmingHealth I found lot of improvements in my health conditions..Many symptoms are in control.this holistic approach to radiant health is simple but unbelievable.” –  -R.A.

“I was living in a world, laden with stress and over-commitments. Essence program helped me to release issues that had dogged me for many years. I do believe in a connection between body and the soul. Working with this program, I have learned how to work with our subconscious mind to make the dreams reality. I found if emotions are balanced, the mind is a powerful tool. So that, one can easily attain peak performance in every aspect of life. Over the period, I gave up a continuously self-damaging career and am now moving well in my new choice. I am much more patient and loving with my children and with my wife. I became much relaxed and re-energized for longer periods of time. I am more relaxed and confident than I can remember. My prosperity is growing. Honestly, I am amazed at the results, I created with this program. It has been good to do this online. I found it easier to discuss problems online. My mind is getting clearer. I have gone very deeply in the work. I am thriving with new insight into my relationship. Thank you so much for making it possible.”


“When I tried CharmingHealth for the first time, I was at an emotional crisis and I felt so lifeless and near death. I sometimes even felt suicidal. In three months’ time, my energy level and ability to think clearly, sleep soundly and function well have improved very well. I now feel like a new person. My most of the symptoms have almost completely dissipated. CharmingHealth truly cares about their client’s well being. Thank you again…”

“After only three week of being on herbal essence program I had amazing results. I was suffering from depression, fatigue, anxiety and all my stress seems to go to legs and hand joints, that is why they remain constantly stiff! Within 2 weeks, I noticed the following improvements: my mind was more clear, I could focus better, my mood swings had almost gone away completely, I was better able to deal with stressful situations and look at things realistically, I had great energy than earlier- I felt like someone had given me a jump start, my anxiety disappeared, stiffness in my joints felt loose like lubrication is applied there..Thank you very much!”

“I have been under depression attack for over 2 years due to heavy losses incurred in business, I tried everything; something worked with limited success, but as soon as I was under stress, or had negative thinking, they broke down. In the same sequence I ordered Bach consultation and started Bach remedies on trial and error method, to my great surprise I found it works, now I have been sleeping peacefully, for the first time in over 2 years, I am not waking up with negative thoughts, my mind is at peace, I feel free, I don’t feel like my mind can be penetrated any more with unwanted thoughts, I feel protected, and I look younger in my face, reigning negative emotions were draining all my energy and were aging me, I highly recommend Bach Flower to anyone, Charminghealth is very helpful and seems genuinely concerned for my well-being, thank you.”  Sincerely -Romell


“I was beset with obvious digestion problems; painful cramping and irregularities making me feel puffy. I was no longer tolerant or calm. It seemed as though most of the time I was dealing with extreme anger with no apparent cause thereof, as well as frustration, anxiety and tears. After starting the holistic healing essence program -I can say- within 3 months my moods are much more consistent. I am no longer irregular, nor do I retain extreme amounts of fluids. There is no gaseous feeling in my intestines and stomach. It’s pretty obvious to me that many of my symptoms were also due to emotional imbalance. My mood has also changed… no more excesses in my anger levels, I’m back to the old me… I feel better today than I have in years. My energy level has been the greatest reward. Thank you for making available such a great program of natural remedies on the net…”


This is how I contacted

Regarding Phase II
I’ve already discussed  Phase I, which is the immediate few weeks after having been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, wherein I didn’t know what to do, what to eat.
And where in my first steps, I eliminated lots of types of foods, and ate a very restricted diet.

Please note: it is very important to understand that there is no “magic bullet”, no “one magic pill”. This “Alternative Protocol” – a ten step process I have developed is a integrative approach, which takes into consideration the whole of the digestive process, not just what happens in the colon. Because you see, each piece is an inter-connected moving piece that affects the next process. You can’t just fix one small part of it. You have to fix all the inter-connected moving puzzle pieces in this complicated puzzle, called the digestive process, so they all move “in-synch” and properly.

Phase II
As a result all the research, I developed for myself an “Alternative Protocol”, which addresses the totality of the Digestion Process, especially as it addresses Ulcerative Colitis, and the class of IBD related diseases:

  • by explaining and introducing you to  a methodology to eating, easy to understand and follow (which I will explain the reasons for later).
  • by introducing certain specific supplements (later I will explain which ones, and the reasons behind those particular supplements) all of which play a specific role in the class of IBD related diseases.
  • by introducing a special natural product which “coats and soothes” the whole digestive track and alimentary canal (I consider it the alternative natural alternative to the mesalamine product line) – which plays an important role in the class of IBD related diseases.
  • by introducing a special product to supplement caloric intake with special protein easily digestible shakes (later I will explain why this particular product versus the many out there).
  • by enabling the digestive process through the addition of special probiotics – the only probiotics made for use in the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, IBD, and Crohn’s Disease(later I will explain the science of why these particular probiotics, compared to others) – which plays an important role in the class of IBD related diseases, and general health as well.
  • by enabling the digestive process through the addition of especially formulated Digestive Enzymes (later I will explain the science of why these particular ones, compared to others) – which plays an important role in the class of IBD related diseases.
  • by giving you healthy alternatives to the mesalamine enemas/suppositories, which by their mere biological make-up work synergistically within your small intestine, and can begin to repair the damage your disease has enabled.


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