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“I found Nicky when I was down and out with the worse bout of my 20 years of being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was visiting the restroom 20-25 times a day, was homebound and was not able to have any quality of life with my family. I was emotionally and physically distraught to say the least.


Nicky has been an enormous help in my recovery. She has guided and informed me in a way no doctor did or cared to do. She put me on a healthy diet with supplements that put my colitis in remission.

Instead of turning to biologics ( toxic drugs ) she guided me to a  natural alternative that a doctor would shun from. I cannot thank her enough as she is empathetic, knowledgeable and my HERO, I will never forget for what she has done for me.


Thanks to Nicky I have my life back and I can now enjoy my beautiful family!

Nicky, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!”

Franco Di Venere







“I have ulcerative colitis for almost 9 years.

I tried lot of medical treatments (allopathic,

homeopathic, ayurvedic, naturpath,..) and 

workouts (yoga, meditation,..), without

much result.

It was a godsend to find Nicky’s website


Nicky’s website has wealth of information

about alternative treatment to Ulcerative

Colitis and so is her personalized advice


Nicky is very knowledgeable.

Nicky helped me with confidant advises

(on various health issues ranging from

Gastro to common day to day). 

Currently I am much better with my

Ulcerative Colitis issue. I am sure, people

with Ulcerative Colitis, I {have} greatly

benefited with Nicky’s personalized

advice sessions and alternative protocol treatment.”

– Raj from Virginia











“It is a true blessing to have come across

Nicky’s website! She has been a support,
and sincerely cares! Nicky has a wealth
of information to share and explains
in a patient manner. Her consults were
both insightful and encouraging! 

If you are looking for support
in your battle with colitis, I would highly
recommend you set up a session with

I’ve truly gained from her, and think you
will too!”


– Goldie from Miami





“…Thank you, I really like your articles, I feel they are the reason that I am almost off my prescription meds…”

– P.M.O. – USA





“…Your advice so far has been fantastic…” – N.T. – United Kingdom




“…Thanks to your help, I am doing really well…” – M.O. – USA





“… Thank you for all your hard work at cure for ulcerative colitis. I have really appreciated all of the information that you send through as I am trying to help cure my Dad’s UC naturally… Thank you for all your hard work & research – we really do feel the benefit of the info you produce…” – S.A. – USA






“…You gave her a lot of insight and we ordered all of the products you suggested on your site…Again thank you so much. I am so grateful for the information you have shared with us…” – M.C. – USA



“…I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about two years ago. I recently discovered your website while looking for alternatives to mesalamine and immediately signed up
for your email updates… These look like they will be a great resource for me as I try to optimize my diet, supplements, lifestyle, etc. to minimize the effects of my
condition. Thank you very much…”
– M.T. – USA



“… I just wanted to say thank you for your help and all your time
and support!…”
– G.B. – USA



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