6) Gluten Blood Test

6) Gluten Blood Test

Testing – How Valuable Is It? 


VERY Valuable!


There are some types of Testing, which I believe to be very valuable – both in IBD disease management, and in IBD disease diagnosis, and I will go over those types of tests here, and will share with you which tests I’ve done  and why.


These tests are:


1) Genetic Risk, Carrier Risk, Drug Response Testing


2) Inflammation Panel


3) B12 Blood Status Panel Test



4) Chemistry Panel and CBC



5) Food Safe Allergy Test


6) Gluten Blood Test




6) Gluten Blood Test 

(done once, and enables you to adjust your diet accordingly)



As we have covered this topic of Gluten intolerance in several of the past Updates, for all those suffering from any Auto-Immune Disease, especially including any IBD, UC, Crohn’s, and even IBS, this is an important trigger to the inflammatory process within the body, therefore it would be very important to find out if there is an intolerance.


Gluten is a protein most commonly found in wheat and other related grains, such as barley and rye. Adding texture and a characteristic chewiness to baked goods, this ingredient is used in a wide variety of other foods as a thickener and binder, flavor enhancer, and protein supplement.


This blood test determines whether you have a food allergy to gluten. It measures the fast reacting (IgE mediated) response to gluten. This is not a test for Celiac Disease nor does it test for sensitivity to gluten (IgG mediated).  If you are looking for a screening panel that will help you and your doctor evaluate your risk for Celiac Disease please look at Life Extensions panel (LC334971) which tests for antibodies associated with this autoimmune disorder.



6) Gluten Blood Test




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