The “fix-it-all” Supplement

After each meal, I take 1 capsule of: CarnoSoothe with PicroProtect







I found that even though I ate a good and well-combined diet, after meals I still experienced some bloating and gas, and by taking this CarnoSoothe, it took all of this away. Now, I don’t go anywhere without it. And it helps heal the gastric lining, and intestinal lining as well.

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Protecting against factors known to damage the gastric lining is essential to ensuring optimal stomach health. CarnoSoothe with PicroProtect™ combines four remarkable nutrient compounds that naturally modulate the growth of H. pylori while supporting the health of the gastric lining. Two capsules of CarnoSoothe are recommended daily and supply 50 milligrams of zinc L-carnosine.


Scientific evidence indicates this novel chelated compound of zinc and L-carnosine works synergistically to support delicate stomach tissue.24-28 Zinc-carnosine developed in Japan as medicine has been shown to help inhibit inflammatory factors and the effects of cytokine release associated with H. pylori.29,30


Two capsules of CarnoSoothe also supply 500 milligrams of a standardized deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) extract. Licorice extract reduces the formation of pro-inflammatory molecules,31 spurs the formation of prostaglandins that support healthy stomach mucosa, and contains gastroprotective flavonoid compounds. Licorice has also been shown to help inhibit the growth of H. pylori and restore the health of the gastric lining.32-34


Picrorhiza kurroa, a traditional herb grown in the Himalayan Mountains, has been shown to help support a healthy liver and stomach. Its extracts have potent antioxidative and immune-supporting properties, and play a role in gastric protection and healthy liver function.35-41


Lastly, the formula also supplies 750 milligrams of NutriCran® GI, a patented blend of cranberry, wild blueberry, and grape seed extracts. Rich in proanthocyanidins and other antioxidant compounds, cranberry and other plant-based extracts, NutriCran® GI has been shown to be beneficial for gastrointestinal health.42,43







“This product has helped greatly with my digestive acid reflux problems. I was having issues about 3 or 4 times a month and now with this product and B12 added I’ve only had 1 case in almost 8 months.” By Eric, Largo, Florida


“I took prescription acid reducers/proton pump inhibitors for years and ended up with secondary health issues from the medications. This is a natural acid controller and has worked wonderfully for me. I have no side effects from it. Unfortunately, I ran out of it once and I could absolutely tell the difference. This really works!” By Shawna, Dallas, TX


“Used daily this will decrease the burning sensation of reflex and over time eliminate the H. Pirlori bacteria.” By Quilcene from Dabob Bay


“I have had digestive issues for a couple of years on and off with no relief from prescription or OTC. I do take this with Esophoguard and Digestive Enzymes- so not sure which one is having the most effect or maybe it’s a combination of all.” By CE, Minneapolis, MN


“Stop with the antacids and really address the cause of the problem & not the symptom. This in combination with probiotics really works.” By George C., Rio Grande Valley, Texas






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