5) Food Safe Allergy Test

 5) Food Safe Allergy Test



Testing – How Valuable Is It? 


VERY Valuable!


There are some types of Testing, which I believe to be very valuable – both in IBD disease management, and in IBD disease diagnosis, and I will go over those types of tests here, and will share with you which tests I’ve done  and why.


These tests are:


1) Genetic Risk, Carrier Risk, Drug Response Testing


2) Inflammation Panel


3) B12 Blood Status Panel Test



4) Chemistry Panel and CBC



 5) Food Safe Allergy Test



5) Food Safe Allergy Test

( done once to help you determine which foods are problematic)


Has it ever occurred to you that fatigue, weight gain, abdominal discomfort, headaches, even aging skin could be due to a food allergy?


Consideration of food allergy is a critical component of any comprehensive approach to good health. The Food Safe Allergy Test measures your sensitivity to certain foods from an antibody-mediated immune response.


The antibody measured in this test is IgG. This test does not measure the dangerous rapid-acting IgE food allergies.


The Food Safe Allergy test comes conveniently packaged as a kit. It requires a “finger stick” blood spot to be collected and shipped directly to the laboratory in a pre-paid envelope. All necessary components for the “finger-stick” are included in the kit with a complete set of instructions for easy collection. Some medications, including but not limited to asthma medications, acid reducers, anti-inflammatory/analgesic drugs, antihistamines and immunosuppressants may influence the results of this test.


Please check with your doctor before ordering.


 5) Food Safe Allergy Test



The Food Safe Allergy Test is comprised of these 95 common foods:


Cod Cow’s milk
Halibut Casein
Salmon Cheddar cheese
Tuna Goat’s milk
Orange Roughy American cheese
Red Snapper Cottage cheese
Sardine Lactalbumin
Sole Mozzarella cheese
Trout Swiss cheese
Beef Clam
Chicken Crab
Egg White Lobster
Egg Yolk Oyster
Lamb Shrimp
Barley Almond
Corn Peanut
Oat Pecan
Rice Sunflower Seed
Wheat Walnut
Buckwheat Sesame Seed
Asparagus Apple mix
Beet Apricot
Black Olive Avocado
Broccoli Banana
Cabbage Blueberry
Carrot Cranberry
Cauliflower Grapefruit
Celery Lemon
Cucumber Nectarine
Garlic Orange
Green Bean Papaya
Green Pepper Peach
Kidney Bean Pear
Lentil Pineapple
Lettuce Plum
Lima Bean Raspberry
Onion Red Grape
Pea Strawberry
Potato Watermelon
Squash Mix
Baker’s Yeast
Brewer’s Yeast
Cane Sugar


Click here to see more info on this comprehensive food allergy testing


 5) Food Safe Allergy Test




5 out of 5 stars, Results surprised me

“I did the food allergy blood test out of curiosity. I was shocked that the results showed that I should avoid 14 food, including eggs, cheese, corn, yeast, wheat, shrimp and milk. I eat these things all the time. I guess I will have to figure out what to do next, as it will be hard to stop all these things – I know there are alternative products on the market. I can’t say that I have an obvious reaction to any food. That’s why I was surprised at the results.” – Bernadette from Trinidad



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