Your Microbiome

Your Microbiome



Have you ever wondered
what makes up your Gut


What is the Microbiome?

google defines microbiome as:
  1. the microorganisms in a particular
    environment (including the body or
    a part of the body).
    “we depend on a vast army of microbes
    to stay alive: a microbiome that protects
    us against germs, breaks down food
    to release energy, and produces
    • the combined genetic material of
      the microorganisms in a particular

      “understanding the
      microbiome—human, animal,

      and environmental—is as important
      as the human genome”

Click here to find out about your Microbiome defines Microbiome

“…Our Microbes outnumber human cells
10:1. Like the rainforest, the healthy
human microbiome is a balanced

Microbes perform essential functions
such as digesting food and synthesizing
vitamins. Studies have also linked
the microbiome to human mood and
behavior, as well as gut health, human
development, and metabolic disorders.”

The NIH, describes the Microbiome:

“…Defining the Human Microbiome

The human microbiota consists
of the 10-100 trillion symbiotic
microbial cells harbored by each
person, primarily bacteria in the
gut; the human microbiome
consists of the genes these cells

…Just as the question,
is it to be human?”, has
troubled humans from the beginning
of recorded history,
the question, “what is the human microbiome?”
 troubled researchers since
the term was coined by Joshua
Lederberg in 2001 [

… More fundamentally, however, new findings
are leading us to question the
concepts that are central to establishing
the definition of the human microbiome,
such as the stability of
 an individual’s
microbiome, the definition of the
OTUs (Operational Taxonomic Units)
that make up the microbiota, and
whether a person has one microbiome
or many. In this review, we cover
progress towards defining the human
microbiome in these different

Click here to read the NIH article

To read another fascinating article by Joy Yang,

titled “The Human Microbiome Project:

Extending The Definition of What Constitutes a Human”….

Click here



I’ve been curious about my Gut
Microbiome for many years now.
That information used to be accessible
only to the very rich, who could afford it,
and were well connected to get the testing



There is a wealth of evidence that the human
microbiome has profound consequences for
our health. It has been correlated with a wide
range of health conditions, from obesity, heart
health, and IBD to autism, anxiety, and depression.
Working together with our collaborators and crowd
scientists we hope to advance human understanding
of this emerging area.



Sample Your Microbiomes

Our sample kit contains everything you need to swab and submit your microbiome. Whether for your mouth, ears, nose, gut, or genitals, your kit will allow you to learn more about your microbiome.  You swipe the sample swab across the corresponding site and send the kit back to us.

We ship internationally!

Answer a Simple Survey

Our online survey lets you ask and answer questions about your health and lifestyle. Then, you can see how you correlate with others. We tell you how you correlate to other users, to existing peer-reviewed studies, and to your previous samples.

We Get Up Close and Personal With Your Samples

uBiome is a microbiome sequencing service that provides information and tools for you to explore your microbiome. Based on research from the NIH Human Microbiome Project, we’ve perfected the technology to perform large-scale microbiome studies. Once we receive your sample, it goes in the lab and the magic happens:



    We extract the bacterial DNA out of the sample you’ve sent us. We identify each of the bacteria that the DNA came from. It’s a little like dusting a scene for fingerprints.


    We compare the ‘fingerprints’ we find to our reference library, to determine which bacteria they came from.


    We make your results easy to understand. You can compare your graphs to those of other groups: vegetarians, people on antibiotics – even zombies*

    *Just kidding; zombies wouldn’t let us swab their mouths.

Learn From Your Results

Your personalized uBiome web account provides secure and easy access to your information. You will be able to design your own experiments. Find out how you compare to the healthy, vegans, paleo, overweight, heavy drinkers. Even how you compare to yourself over time!

For a more detailed overview of what we do, you canwatch this great video by DNews. It features interviews with some of the uBiome team and a tour of our lab. Watch on YouTube.






Ubiome has made testing your various
Microbiomes, including,
Gut, Ears, Bellybutton, and Skin,


It was very easy, they send you the vials,
and you take a “sampling” from either your stool
(gut), ears, belly button, or skin and send it onto
It took almost 7 weeks to get the results back…
and it was very exciting. 


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Now, I extend to you the same exciting
opportunity to find out what makes up
your different Microbiomes 
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This is valuable information
which could affect your health, and
everything about a healthier you.



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