LDN – What is it being used for?


 Per LDNScience.org,

“What Is LDN Being

Used For?”


Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is being

used as a regulator of

the immune system,

providing relief to

patients with autoimmune

diseases, and central nervous system

disorders. Whilst it is not

licensed by the FDA specifically for

these conditions, physicians

are permitted to prescribe LDN

 ‘off-label’ for treatments they

think are appropriate.


The apparently diverse conditions

in which LDN appears to

have a therapeutic effect are

united by their ability to benefit

from increased levels of endorphins

(naturally occurring opioids

– specifically OGF).

In the interests of promoting

further research into different

uses of LDN, we encourage LDN

 users who are willing to

be identified to share their

experiences with LDN by clicking

on Submit Your Story.


Examples of the successful use

of LDN, supported by studies

as well as reported by patients

to date, include the following


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