About YOU!

About YOU!


About YOU! is a section that refers to getting to know who YOU really are, as in:

1) Which genes did you inherit that speaks to your IBD, UC, and Crohn’s ?  


I was shocked when I had my DNA tested, that I had 1 gene for Hypothyroidsm, and 3 genes for Crohn’s – yet somehow I only suffered and was diagnosed as having Ulcerative Colitis!


You too, can find out when the genes were given out, what did you get? Does it confirm what you suffer from now?  And could it explain the possible hidden symptoms you’ve been suffering from and couldn’t make sense of?


2) What’s Your Microbiome like?

Is it mostly good or bad or mixed bacteria?


Why is this important?


Because once you get the results, you can change probiotics and see how it changes your Microbiome in making it healthier.  Don’t forget the healthier YOUR Microbiome, the healthier You are!



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